About Making Headway Racing


Scotland's Racing Syndicate

Making Headway Racing was launched in August of 2020, by father and son David and Michael.

From starting off being part of racing clubs and travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles visiting yards and racecourses we began to take our interest further. We joined a few syndicates and had some success with a few winners in a variety of horses, in 2019 we came across Katie Scott Racing on Twitter and became involved in two of the horses in the yard. We were impressed by the friendliness and welcoming nature in the yard, also the facilities and setting just outside of Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.

We made the decision to start our own syndicate after we felt there was gap in the Scottish market for a new upbeat and affordable syndicate. With our shared experience of being in other syndicates we feel we have a unique insight in what people are looking for as members and will be basing our principles around what we liked and enjoyed from the other ownership experiences we had. Each owner involved with us will be part of a team where the aim is to have competitive horses out racing but also the opportunity to enjoy a sociable day. We will endeavour to make each member’s experience as an owner enjoyable and fulfilling. Photos and videos of the horses will be regularly sent from the yard and will also be on our social media platforms. Regular stable visits where both David and Michael will be in attendance to see the horses at the yard, we aim to give a personal experience to every owner in every horse.

On race days partners will be entitled to owner’s badges to experience the thrill of seeing their horse run, speaking to the jockey and the trainer before and after each race and hopefully experience that winning feeling. For owners that are not able to attend on the day we will record a post-race briefing with either jockey or trainer so you won’t miss out on the news from the day.

If  anyone is interested in having a share in a horse with Making Headway Racing or you would like to know more get in touch below or on the contact page.